Video Series: Own Your Money. Own Your Life

Filmed in New York City in 2014 and moderated by blogger and financial educator Tonya Rapley, the Own Your Money/Own Your Life discussion brought together a group of Millennial New Yorkers to talk about the issues they face as they establish their financial independence. Topics ranged from banking options and student loan debt to retirement, career choices and long-term financial goals.

Episode 3: Paying the Future You

We all know that we are supposed to save money for our future – whether that “future” is next month or 30 years from now – but what if saving for tomorrow feels like depriving yourself today? With the uncertain fate of Social Security (not to mention the magic power of compound interest), it’s more important than ever for Millennials to start saving now.

  • Do you agree with Sean that planning is not as important for Millennials, or do you agree more with Stephanie that it’s more important for young people now to plan?
  • Do you have a money “friendtor” like Tonya who could help you plan your financial future?
  • Can you relate to Nicole’s concerns about caring for her own mother in retirement?
  • Have you talked with your parents about their finances? What do you think about Jared’s situation?
  • What areas of retirement planning and long-term savings do you wish you knew more about?
  • Do agree with Kerri that “pennies multiply” and that small savings add up?

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