Violet | 19 | Denver

Violet in Denver talking about her proudest purchase.

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

What is your proudest purchase?
My car. When I was about 18, I [had] finally saved up enough over the past two years; I was working a lot, so I got enough money in my saving[s] to get a car. It was not a great car, but it was a car that got me around and I loved the fact that I could save that much up.

What kind of jobs were you working?
I was at Chick-fil-A for two years, so I did grow in a manager position. It taught me a lot, and it was totally worth it.

How did you figure out what car you wanted to buy?
I did a lot of different things and went through a lot of different car lots. It ended up being on Craigslist. It was an older car, a ’95 Lamborghini convertible, and he was asking for a cheap price. It worked for what I needed and helped me out a lot. It was a short-term thing, but I got money after I sold it so it helped me pay for college.

What year are you, and what are you studying?
I’m a freshman. Criminology/criminal justice. I like it a lot.