Tyler | 21 | Portland

Tyler learned that you don't need much to survive on.

Photo credit: Cara Hopkins

What is one thing you learned from your parents about money?
That’s a tough one. My mother is a horrible pack rat. She will spend $5 at Goodwill picking up random knickknacks and things that she doesn’t really need. She has an endless amount of shoes. I’ve watched as a dog slowly ate one of them and laughed—because I’ve had to move all of them. It just kind of taught me that you don’t really need all that much to survive on. Like, if you have a black hoodie, you don’t need 15 black hoodies for different occasions. Which, my mother actually has stuff like that. Shirts in off-shades of red that go with this off-shade of red shoes.

Do you think your attitude about having a lot of things will change as you get older? Like, maybe as you get older, things start to mean more to you?
Maybe. Maybe I’ll become a pack rat, too. You never know—but I doubt it.