Sonam | 22 | NYC

Sonam in New York talking about the financial choices people make

Photo credit: Tiffany Clark

How do people get rich if they are not born into a wealthy family?
They have to really work hard to fit into the rich society. They have to work really hard. Either by luck or hard work.

What about the choices that people make?
Some people, they make choices which fit only themselves in the moment. They only think what they like to do, not what will be good for their future. For example, some people become artists, but if they’re not rich and they don’t have really high skills, then they’re not going to end up being such a successful person. If you shoot for doing a job that’s more stable, then you’re good to go. You work hard; you get a job; and you’re set. It does depend on what you choose.

So what are you doing here at the farmers market? Do you work at the farm?
No. I just do this on Fridays. I am attending school to become a nurse.

Ah, very practical.