Sarah | 28 | Atlanta

Sarah in Atlanta

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

How are Millennials aged 18 to 30 different from other generations?
Even though I’m 28 and in that range, I don’t feel part of that Millennial generation. I would say that Millennials are more financially dependent on their parents because of the job availability; I see them more as living with their parents after college and not having as many resources as previous generations.

After undergrad, I joined Peace Corps, not necessarily because I looked at job availability, but it did help that I was doing that volunteer job instead of [being] in the job market. I saw a lot of my peers not being able to find jobs, so I felt lucky to at least have something to do.

What did you do for the Peace Corps?
[I served] on the western border of china doing health education. I was there for two years.

What did you do after the Peace Corps?
I was working for the university I graduated from, and now I’m going to grad school and I’m studying public health.

What do you want to do after school?
I’m looking at my master’s now for public health policy development.

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