Roshon | 25 | Brooklyn

Roshon in Brooklyn

Photo credit: Ramsay de Give

Who do you trust to give you financial information, and why? Who don’t you trust?
I don’t trust nobody.

Who do you ask if you need to figure something out about your finances?
My grandmother—I trust her more than anybody. She’s older, and she doesn’t have any reason to tell me any make-believe stuff. She was back then when times were hard, so I know she doesn’t have any reason to lie.

Has she done pretty well for herself then?
Yeah, she’s in east New York. She’s lived in the same apartment for twenty-something years. She’s had the same number for 25 years. She takes care of her stuff very well.

Who don’t you trust?
I only trust family and close friends.

So you don’t trust banks and credit card companies?
Oh no, no. I watch the news—there’s too much going on out here. I trust my shoe box.

Where’s the shoe box?
You’ll never know.

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