Quy | 19 | Seattle

Quy makes sure to split expenses evenly with her roommates

Photo credit: David Ryder

Has money ever caused a problem between you and your friends?
I live with my friends in an apartment. We live four together. Sometimes, we go to the supermarket to buy stuff and we have to separate the money and divide it into equal parts. But sometimes, one of my friends goes to California and we have to split it up differently.

Does anyone ever think it’s not fair, the way that it gets divided up?
No. We separate it very evenly. We keep every bill and every receipt together and then we separate it together and everything is very fair.

Did you have that all worked out as a plan before you moved in together?
Yes. It was always the plan. Our parents have talked to each other and we know each other really well, so we have it all worked out.