Niesha | 33 | New York City

Niesha in New York City

Photo credit: Tiffany Clark

What do you wish you would have been taught about money in school?
The importance of savings—I think I take it for granted. I use my savings account as my backup account when my checking gets low.

Were you taught anything about money management in school?
They taught me how to use a checkbook and how it’s important to have a checking account, but I think I just learned what I do know from family—and the mistakes they made.

If you had gotten that lesson about saving, how would your life be different?
I definitely would have more money in my account. Honestly, I think if [I] started younger, I might have put more thought into my purchases. The one thing I do is: I’m a shopaholic, but I don’t buy big brand-name things. When I do get a lot of money, I’ll save it for travel rather than getting a nice handbag or piece of furniture. Even now, I’ll save up and I’ll think, ‘I’d rather go to D.R.; I’d rather go to Paris. Then, I’ll have the memory and a cute bag. It may not be a Celine handbag, but I got to go to Paris.’