Nick | 30 | Brooklyn

Nick in Brooklyn

Photo credit: Ramsay de Give

What is your biggest spending regret?
I recently spent 99 bucks on a Groupon to get my New York real estate license, when it’s like, why did I do that?

Well, did you want to be a real estate agent?
I thought it might be a decent plan B. But it’s like, everybody and their sister has a real estate license in this city; and just because you have a license doesn’t guarantee you shit. So, I mean, like anything else, it would probably take a lot of hard work and time in order for that to pay off. I haven’t redeemed it yet. It’s just been on the back of my brain. I think I have like two more weeks to redeem it, and I’ve been procrastinating. My friend said that I should have a ceremonial burning of that Groupon, because he thinks it’s such a bad idea.

What’s plan A?
I’m an actor, and a writer, and a filmmaker; I bartend on the side. People are always like, ‘Oh, you should do real estate on the side. It’s so flexible.’ But that’s a whole can of worms.

But then you realize you might actually have to, like, do a bunch of stuff to be a realtor?
Yeah. And it’s like: Career change … thank you, Groupon? I wish I would have done something else with that $99.

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