McKenna | 20 | Denver

McKenna has some months where it's a struggle to make ends meet.

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

How would your life be different if you had less money?
I probably wouldn’t be going to school here. [I would] probably be in a community college or working to afford school, and I would probably be living at home.

What year are you? What do you study?
Sophomore. I study music business.

Do you feel like you have more than enough money right now? Or are you on the border of having enough or not enough?
I’m definitely on the border. Some months I’m doing pretty good, and some it’s just struggling to make ends meet.

Do you have student loans?

Do you work right now?
I’m working at a frozen yogurt shop, so sometimes my hours are really good and sometimes they are not.

What do you envision yourself doing once you have your degree?
I would like to end up road-managing. I would work for Bastille.