Max | 20 | Los Angeles

Max saved his money to buy a cruiser board and skateboard.

Photo credit: Michael Ares

Have you ever saved up for anything?
Yeah, I saved up to buy a cruiser board and a skateboard. That was kind of expensive, I guess.

How did you save up?
I worked for this program in high school called Conservation Corps. During summer vacation, we would go around cleaning the community—like going into different neighborhoods and cleaning alleys and organizing events and stuff.

How much did you make?
Nine bucks an hour, and I would work for like four hours a day.

How did you feel after you bought the skateboard?
It was a feeling of satisfaction—you know, that I was able to save up my own money for something that I really wanted to buy. It just felt really good.

Is there anything you’re saving up for right now?
I want to save up for a car. I don’t really like having to rely on public transportation. I’m late everywhere—I don’t like that.