Mandi | 20| Denver

Mandi in Denver

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

How would you describe your finances?
I like to spend money, but I’m also wanting to move out right now so I’m trying to save up. I have a good amount of money in my bank account, but I still [don’t] spend frugally.

What do you spend most of your money on?
Clothes and art supplies.

Is your biggest money goal to be able to move out?
Yes, for now. I live with my parents.

What year are you?
Third. I like it so far. It’s a good school, and I’ve spent all three years here.

What are your goals for when you graduate? What kind of work do you see yourself doing?
I’m getting my degree in teaching art. It would be cool to get recognized as an artist and make money that way.

In art, do they teach you anything about the business side?
Not really. You’re not required to take any business classes, but I probably should.

How do you decide how to price your work?
How much time you spent on it, how it turned out and how many supplies you spent on it; but specifically, they don’t tell you.