Mackenzie | 21 | Seattle

Mackenzie will look for a complete benefits package in her career

Photo credit: David Ryder

Do you have a plan for when and how you will retire at the end of your career?
Right now, I am just focusing on getting a career started. Once I get there, I’m definitely going to consider the retirement package.

What kind of career are you going to go into?
Hopefully marketing—that’s my major. So I hope to be a buyer for a company or do product management.

Will a retirement plan be part of what you’re looking for in a benefits package?
Yes, definitely. I feel like my parents have pretty stable retirement plans set, so I can look to them for guidance later on.

What else are you looking for in a benefits package?
Definitely a good health care and insurance package. I’d like to have a family one day, so I want to have all those benefits covered.