Lani | 23 | Denver

Lani in Denver talking about getting financially independent

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

What’s the first thing you ever bought with your own money?
I don’t know if I can remember the first thing actually. It would probably have to be clothes. When I got a job, probably my own food and gas—having to be responsible for that.

Did your parents give you an allowance when you were growing up?
Kind of. I’m the youngest and the only girl and I was spoiled when I was growing up. That’s something in regards to finances that I’m trying to get out of and figure out how to not be.

Do you think you are becoming more financially independent?
Slowly—trying to. I’m not working right now and I do more freelance. I’m a musician, [a] cellist.

Do you get gigs?
I’ve played different events (weddings, church gigs). I just do word of mouth, because I’m just a student. Toward the holidays, it’s about once a month at least.

Are you living at home right now?
I am living at home.

What do you think your biggest money goal is?
Right now, it is to save up for my instruments; fixing my cello, and a new bow.