Kyle | 19 | Denver

Kyle in Denver talking about being financially secure

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

What is your most important money goal?
When I think about a money goal, I think about more like when I have a family. I want to be able to go on vacation and to have fun, to do some of the more leisure activities that [are] associated with any given job. I’m working to be financially secure and to not have money be a huge thing. I want to be able to have these perks and these advantages that you [get to] enjoy when you are in the career that gives you some benefits (and has more wealth or a certain amount of money associated with it).

What does financial success mean to you?
Above all else, if I’m in a career that I’m happy doing and enjoy doing for myself, the money will be something that becomes the background. If I’m miserable in a job with these perks of being able to go on vacation, [the] payoff isn’t right because I will spend most of my time doing that career. It’s being in a situation that I can be happy doing my job, because the happiness outside of my job will come.

What are you studying right now?
My major is business, but I’m switching to engineering. Maybe mechanical engineering.

Are you from Colorado?
Yes, by Aurora.