Juan | 24 | Brooklyn

Juan talking about who he trusts to give him financial advice and wanting to be an entrepreneur

Photo credit: Ramsay de Give

Who do you trust to give you financial information, and why?
I trust successful entrepreneurs to give me financial advice.

Who don’t you trust?
I don’t trust my friends.Why not?
Because we’re pretty much in the same boat—paying off school loans. And they’re not doing as good as I am paying off their loans.

How long has it been since you graduated?
Almost two years.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
Yeah. I’m working on starting my own tour business. I speak seven languages, so my key is to market to people who are from China, Spanish speakers, English speakers and possibly Japanese speakers.

Tours around here?
Yes. New York City.

What will make your tours stand out?
One, my languages. I’ve seen some tours that are really bad, or they just don’t speak a word of the party’s language. And I want to put interesting facts—like what kind of famous people have visited the destination. For example, I worked at Ruby Tuesday in Times Square, and CeeLo Green always goes there. So, that’s interesting stuff to know.