Joshua | 21 | Los Angeles

Joshua feels that parents should financially support their children for as long as they can.

Photo credit: Michael Ares

How long should parents support their children financially?
Personally, I don’t think it really ends. If we were in a perfect world, then parents would be responsible and save, so they would always have the head start for their kids when they really need it; but I guess it’s just as much and as long as you can.

What are you currently doing with your life now?
I’m a musician.

Do you still get any support from your parents?
No, I left home at 15, so I’ve been supporting myself since then—playing music, working jobs. I’ve lived up and down in California; I lived in Las Vegas for a while [and] Colorado.

What kind of work do you end up doing to make money while you’re traveling?
Well, there aren’t a lot of entry-level jobs in LA, so I started doing marketing, advertising—like canvassing and telecommunications. And now it’s like three years later, so those have been pretty good options.

Is it hard to find those jobs?
They’re easy to find, but hard to keep.

Why are they hard to keep?
It takes a lot of enthusiasm and perseverance. And you have to be willing to hear ‘no’ a thousand times a day. But they pay well.

And what kind of music do you play?
Indie, blues, folk.