Jess | 28 | Portland, OR

Jess in Portland, OR talking about money and relationships.

Photo credit: Cara Hopkins

Who should pay on a first date?
Depends. I think it should be split.

At what point do you think you should start talking about money in a relationship?
When one person has money problems. I’ve been up and down when it comes to money. I was on unemployment for the last few months before I got this job. My boyfriend was paying for pretty much everything. Except for, like, I bought cigarettes and food when I was at work. But whenever we went out, it was all on him. My boyfriend is a lot older than me. He’s in his late thirties, so he’s more established. My last job was minimum wage, so I couldn’t really afford much other than rent and food.

Have you thought about things like marriage?
We’ve talked about it, but not until he buys a house—because I have too much debt.

Are you from Portland?
I’m from eastern Michigan.

Where are you working?
It’s the art museum.

Are you an artist?
Yes, I’m a painter. I paint murals.