James | 25 | Portland

James in Portland OR talking about his biggest financial fear

Photo credit: Cara Hopkins

What is your biggest financial fear?
Probably not finding a job. Because my degree is in psychology and I plan to go into counseling, I’m heavily based on clients. And if I don’t have clients, I won’t have any income.

Is there a particular age group you want to work with?
Between 18- to 30-year-olds, so the transitional age into adulthood.

Have you researched where you get those jobs and how much they might pay?
Yeah, so, I can go into an actual office space with other counselors, or go into private practice. I think I would probably sign up with a company for a little bit and then transition to private practice.

Do you have to do a residency?
No, I don’t. I do have to get my master’s in counseling. Prescribing stuff is pretty easy for counselors. They’ve been pretty lenient about that.

Really? So like prescribing drugs?
Yeah. So back in the day, psychiatry—and people of the Internet world can correct me if they like—used to be prescribing. And then, as the decades went on, they started to be more lenient on that and now counselors can prescribe drugs to patients.

Do you have student loans?

Do you feel the pressure of having to start paying them back? I guess you still have grad school …
Yes, but there’s still pressure. There’s definitely that worry. Like, I need to start saving up and have enough auxiliary money to have a safeguard.