Iris | 23 | Los Angeles

Iris in LA talking about her money behaviors.

Photo credit: Michael Ares

Whose responsibility is it to fix the economic system?
Maybe the government.

Do you think it’s up to individuals to change their behavior?
Of course, but maybe government policy will lead individuals to change, to influence their decisions.

What kind of money behaviors do you think need to change?
That’s a complicated question. Maybe how they spend their money, how they allocate money to different areas in their lives.

Do you have any spending habits that you’ve changed?
Yeah, of course. When I was in school, my family supported me, so I spent a lot of money on buying things I wanted. Now, I know how to save.

Did something happen, or was it just a matter of growing up?
I think growing up is one of the reasons. And now, I support myself so I have to make a plan on how to spend. My salary is limited, so I can’t have everything I want.