Gamy | 25 | New York City

Gamy in New York City

Photo credit: Tiffany Clark

What do you wish you would have been taught about money in school?
It’s funny, because I just went to college a while back, and I think it might have been a better idea not to go to college so early. I wish I would have thought about other options.

Like what?
I’d prefer hands-on experience as opposed to just sitting in a classroom. Certain programs don’t really provide much of that until you’re out in the field. And then when you get out in the field, you really don’t know anything and everything is taught from zero again. I feel like people talk about how you have to invest in your education, but it’s not always just about money; you have to invest yourself in it. You can go to a really good school, but it doesn’t mean you’ll come out a better person.

What did you get your degree in?
Recreation management. I’m actually not doing that now, though. I’m doing photography in Taipei (Taiwan), so it’s totally not related.

Would you rather have gone to school for photography?
I probably wouldn’t have gone to school right off the bat. I’d probably think about where I could go and the things I could do, as opposed to the obvious path. I think it’s very streamlined in Western culture—you’ve got to go to school, and more school and more school. So, I really would think about it more.

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