Fartun | 18 | Denver

Fartun talks about her shoe shopping spending habit

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

Do you have any secret spending habits?
Usually whenever I get my paycheck, I like to go to the mall and buy some shoes and that—like every other paycheck. I’m trying to cut down on it, but it’s not working. I usually like to buy converse or flats. I went to Payless last month.

How many shoes do you own? Do you wear them all?
More than I can count! Not all of them. Well, it depends on what the season is—in winter, boots, and in summer, flats and converse.

Do you ever get rid of any pairs?
Sometimes. My feet just feel weird in them and then I just get rid of them.

What kind of work do you do?
I work at an elementary school with little kids—I’m like a TA. I help the teachers out, and when they are short on people, I come in and help.

Is that what you want to do?
No, I want to be a pediatrician.

Is that what you’re studying?
Yes, I’m majoring in biology.