Eleonore | 25 | New York

Eleonore feels that if money is an obsession then work becomes an obsession

Photo credit: Tiffany Clark

What is one thing you learned from your parents about money?
Even though my parents were not crazy rich, they never cared about how much they spent. They weren’t greedy. [They were] being generous and spending on the people that they liked.

So did your parents entertain a lot?
Yes, they always had friends over, and we would pay for everybody. When we went to a restaurant, my parents would pay the check. They were just very generous.

What do they do for work?
They are both professors in France and Switzerland.

What are you doing in New York?
I’m getting my master’s in food entrepreneurship.

So you want to open a restaurant?
Um, we’ll see.

Are you a chef?
No, I’m not a chef. I got my bachelor’s in political science and then switched to food first, and now I’m really into business. I would maybe, one day, like to open a food business, but I’m not a chef.

Would you want to stay in the states or go back to France?
I think in the long term, I’ll go back to Europe. But not France, necessarily. Part of my family is in Germany. But maybe New York. Money is actually a factor in that.

Because New York is so expensive?
No, it’s just that people are obsessed with making more and more money. I want to make money, but I’d be OK with not. Because [if] money is an obsession, then work becomes an obsession.