Dan | 35 | Portland

Dan in Portland OR talking about his biggest financial fear

Photo credit: Cara Hopkins

What is your biggest financial fear?
Right now, I’m worried that my financial aid won’t come through and I’ll be screwed.

What are you studying?

How long have you been studying at Portland State?
Just this summer.

Do you know why you haven’t gotten your financial aid?
Apparently, I didn’t accept my loans.

So you missed a step in the process?

Did you talk to anyone about the student loan process?
Not really. I went to Portland Community College first, and somebody there walked me through it. But I didn’t have anybody here. It’s something I should have known technically.

But it is kind of strange that they give you all this money and no one walks you through it.
Yeah, I mean, I’m going to get the money; I just thought I would get it three weeks ago. And I’ve got a lot of bills. They are going to turn off my electricity. All this stuff’s coming down.

What do you want to do with your degree?

Is there a specific era of history you’re interested in?
American. I like the New Deal, Roosevelt; I like the Civil War. I mean, I don’t ‘like’ it, but … I’m interested in it.