Chasen | 22 | Seattle

Chasen in Seattle

Photo credit: David Ryder

Who is your money role model?
I guess my friends that aren’t living off their parents. Knowing that my friends are doing everything on their own, like going on tour and putting out records – knowing that people who are my age or younger can do that without their parents’ help – that makes them my role models.

Are you from Seattle?
No, I just moved out here four weeks ago from Phoenix. My friends offered me a job out here and got me a place to stay. They got me a second job, so I’ve just been out here living on my own—my own means. It’s awesome.

Did you go to school?
I never really went to school. I did graduate high school, but I’m originally from California then I moved to Phoenix. I lived in Phoenix for four years on my own in a warehouse over a venue. I did a lot of promoting and playing in bands out there. I moved out here recently to do the same thing.

Sounds like you like Seattle?
Oh yeah—definitely. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Phoenix.

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