Carly | 19 | Portland

Carly in Portland OR talking about her most ridiculous purchase

Photo credit: Cara Hopkins

What’s the most ridiculous thing you have ever spent money on?
When I was a kid, I would often go on eBay. I was like 8. I didn’t have a card or anything, but the deal was Mom would buy it with her credit card and I’d pay her with cash. There was this one time—I ended up not buying it, so I don’t know if it counts—but it was a very intense bid. It was on this video game called Splinter Cell; it’s this spy game, and there was this limited edition shirt, and the game, and like, the goggles, and as an 8-year-old, I was like, ‘Yeah! I need this!’ So I was bidding on this, and the agreement was if I won, my mom would buy it and I would pay her back.

Was there a maximum you were allowed to bid?
I think I had $80

Did your mom preapprove that?
My mom was like, ‘You know, it’s your money. If you really want to do this, go ahead. You’re 8 years old, you’ve gotta learn that this maybe isn’t the best decision.’

So what happened?
The bid ran into when school was starting (it was like a Monday). I was in school and didn’t have access to a computer. And I didn’t have a cellphone back then, so I was like, ‘Mom, when you’re at work, you have to continue bidding on this.’ She ended up bidding and bidding, but neither of us were very eBay-savvy, so you know when people have like two browsers open bidding left and right? Some guy beat us when there was like 10 seconds left. But yeah, I was very committed and was willing to spend all the money to my name, $80, but I didn’t get around to it. But I would say that was the strangest, most ridiculous mindset.

How did you make the money?
Just doing stuff around the house. Do your chores, here’s some money; or I’d help the neighbor wash their car. I definitely saved it, and then I was ready to spend it for this limited edition Splinter Cell spy kit.