Cameron | 25 | Denver

Cameron talking about the meaning of financial success.

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

What does financial success mean to you?
Stability. Not having to worry too much; just having a constant flow and just enough of what I need.

Who is your money role model?
My older brother had $10,000 in savings by the time he was 12. He just saved up all his Christmas money [and] birthday money. My parents made this deal when they first started giving us allowance that anything we put in the bank they will match it. My brother was like, ‘I’m going to go start a CD account with investments.’ Now, he makes more money than both my parents combined.

How did he learn about that?
He’s just a very logical analytical type of person.

What is the one thing you would have gone out and spent your money on?
At the time, Legos; but now, I would get a base.

What year are you?
[I] graduated last semester and I’m getting a second degree. I got one in classical composition and now I’m getting jazz performance.