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Is the credit card system fair?
Honestly, there’s a lot that’s not explicit in the terms and conditions that would be easy to miss if you were just skimming it. It depends on the provider and it depends on what their demographic is. There’s a lot of predatory credit cards out there—especially ones that used to set up booths on campuses. They used to lobby at move-in days, where they would pitch booths; and everyone would sign up for credit cards on the first week of college and find out that the interest rates were just absurd.

How did you learn about this?
Econ. And just general interest. I mean, overall, is it fair legally speaking? Yeah. Is it fair morally? Probably not. Especially with the lobbying booths—it tends to be just sign the form and go. I highly doubt that they would have been extensively filling people in on the process of having a credit card.

Do you have one?
No, I’m trying to stay away. Hopefully I’ll establish credit by paying off my loans. I don’t plan on purchasing a car from a dealership or buying a house within the next 15 or 20 years.

And that’s pretty common for Millennials.
Yeah, our rate of making those purchases is pretty low.

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