Betty | 20 | Denver

Betty talking about what she learned about money from her parents

Photo credit: Joseph Roybal

What is one thing you learned from your parents about money?
It’s important, and it’s a struggle if you don’t have money to survive.

When you were growing up, did your parents talk to you about money?
They did it, but I could see it was hard because they both worked two jobs (just regular jobs like [at the] 7-Eleven).

Did they give you spending money when you were growing up?
They did. My parents came from Ethiopia. My dad was a civil engineer and he was in a good position there; now, he comes here [and] he has to work twice as much for us.

Did they tell you it was important for you to go to college?
Yes, I want to go to college to have a better life for them and for me.

What kind of degree do you want to get?
Nursing, hopefully.