Arlen | 34 | Los Angeles

Arlen in Los Angeles

Photo credit: Michael Ares

Is the American economic system fair?
Fair is not a good word, I don’t believe. I believe that capitalism and what it stands for is anything but fair. It’s very ‘for yourself, by yourself.’ There is no system. The system that is in place, personally, I do not understand completely; because I look around and see people on the streets and in the city in pain. It’s not just here. I’ve lived in Chicago; I’ve lived in New Orleans; I’ve lived in Miami and Detroit in my lifetime, and progressively over time I don’t see any sort of change in what’s going on. There’s moments of feast; there’s moments of famine; but there’s no real change.

What do you think it would take for things to change?
Restructuring the system in general, because I don’t think this one works. I think that it’s broken and that requires people on the top getting together with people on the bottom and working together to try to make something happen. Otherwise, it’s everyone fending for themselves.

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