Alex | 21 | Portland, Ore.

Alex has phenomenal credit because she pays her bill every month

Photo credit: Cara Hopkins

What is the most important lesson you learned about money from your parents?
Probably to pay off my credit card bill in full every single month, or at least double the minimum payment. That’s probably the most important lesson, because I have really phenomenal credit; and if they’d never told me that, I might not have done that.

How did you get your first credit card?
My parents co-signed it for me because they believed that they could trust me with it.

How old were you?
17. Actually, so, they had to co-sign it for me and in the first year, they paid it for me as long as it was under $50. Then, when I was 18 and had a job, I paid it myself.

Do you know your credit score?
It’s over 800—I can’t remember exactly. I do have a phenomenal credit score and that’s 100 percent thanks to my parents.

What do you normally put on your credit card now?
I do small things from time to time just to keep my credit up, but I usually just use my debit card and not my credit card at all. I don’t charge more than $75 a month on my credit card.