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<strong>Destini</strong> | 18 | Atlanta

Destini thinks that there are too many systematic issues with the American economic system even though it has an idea centered around fairness.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Practical Budgeter</strong>

Ryyan Chacra, a financial economics major at Columbia University discusses his money philosophy and how the role of diversity is critical in economic discussions.

<strong>James</strong> | 25 | Portland

James fears not being able to find a job with his degree in psychology and how he'll pay back student loans.

10 Minutes With … <strong>An Enterprising Visionary</strong>

At 24, Nate still receives some help from his parents as he works toward a career as an entrepreneur, but he is optimistic about his financial future.

10 Minutes With… <strong>An Economical Artist</strong>

Owning her own photography business, Sabrina has separate budgets for living and business expenses while pursuing personal and professional goals.

10 Minutes With... <strong>A Conservative Spender</strong>

As the oldest of five growing up on a family farm in Kentucky, Celeste grew up understanding that you didn’t buy anything you couldn’t pay for. She grew up to be very savings oriented and has set up a long-term savings plan for her and her husband.

<strong>Annette</strong> | 33 | Brooklyn

If she won the lottery, journalist Annette would move from Munich to London or New York.

<strong>Mandi</strong> | 20 | Denver

With a passion for art, Mandi wants to learn business skills to help her have a successful career.

From designating beneficiaries to making sure your family members know your wishes regarding health and end-of-life care, there is a lot that you can do to lessen the stress on your loved ones in the event that you are unable to manage your own affairs.

5 <strong>Smart Moves</strong> for Moving Up

Asking for a raise or promotion is a rite of passage for anyone just starting out in their career. Whether you are in a brand-new job or making a mid-career shift, read these tips for getting noticed by your superiors and getting what you deserve.