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10 Minutes With … <strong>A Sensible Virtuoso</strong>

Kayvon learned to budget at a young age through managing his allowance. Now attending Dartmouth, he is questioning what path to take in his future career.

How I Did It: <strong>Survived Financial Disaster</strong> (Twice)

Patrice Washington was the first in her family to attend college, which made her even more disappointed in herself when she racked up $18,000 in credit card debt. Find out how Patrice overcame that early setback to start her own business, only to lose it all in the Great Recession, and build it up again.

Dollars and Sense

When Keve was younger he and his friends thought they needed money to validate themselves. While his friends were off spending extravagantly, Keve learned to live within his means.

Is it better to build up emergency savings or pay off debt? Should you be investing rather than paying down a credit card balance? Expert Laura Walton gives her two sense on your debt pay-off questions.

Ask the Expert: How to <strong>Free Yourself from Debt</strong>

Are you ready to pay down your debt once and for all? Expert Laura Walton dishes on the secrets to creating a successful debt pay-off plan.

How I Did It: <strong>Started a Movement</strong>

Find out how musician and organizer Mike de la Rocha is working to reform the criminal and juvenile justice systems through music and storytelling.

Lessons from My Parents: <strong>Mother Card and Daddy Warbucks</strong>

As a child in Texas, Jessica Wright learned how to use credit from her mother and how to track spending from her father.

From <strong>Homeless to Hopeful</strong>: Jeronna's Story

Jeronna Bolden thought she had done everything right, until she lost a job and found herself homeless. Read how she reinvented herself and started on a new path to financial success.

Budget Makeover: Guidelines to <strong>Land a Loan</strong>

You may think that as long as you are able to pay the minimum amounts on your bills each month, you are financially secure. However, there is a bigger picture to consider if you want to borrow money to buy a home.

How I Did It: <strong>Filed for Bankruptcy</strong>

Erica Bradley considered herself financially responsible, until her debts and expenses grew out of control and she decided to declare bankruptcy. Read about how she did it and the pros and cons of that decision.