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<strong>Kielan</strong> | 23 | Portland, Ore.

Kielan says lending money to friends causes problems when they don't pay you back and he doesn't like borrowing money because he doesn't like owing people.

<strong>Huy</strong> | 19 | Seattle

If Huy encountered a large unexpected expense he would either make monthly payments on it or ask his parents for money.

<strong>Lucia</strong> | 19 | Los Angeles

Lucia has no credit cards so she would work hard and try to figure out a way to pay for a large unexpected expense.

<strong>Vanessa</strong> | 20 | Denver

Vanessa's biggest spending regret is the amount of shopping she does.

<strong>Julie</strong> | 22 | Los Angeles

If Julie experienced a large unexpected expense she would sell something she owns to pay for it.

<strong>Curtis</strong> | 19 | Los Angeles

Curtis's money advice would be to save money and only spend it on something that's going to help you make more money.

<strong>Benjamin</strong> | 29 | Portland, Ore.

Don't spend money you don't have is Benjamin's personal money philosophy.

<strong>Elijah</strong> | 20 | Atlanta

Elijah is aware of how much student debt he will be taking on and if he were to win the lottery he would pay off his debt and save for his future education.

<strong>Taiana</strong> | 18 | Denver

The first thing Taiana would do if she were to win the lottery is to take care of her parents who sacrificed so much so her family could come to the U.S.

<strong>Danny</strong> | 25 | Los Angeles

Danny admits to being more of a spender rather than a saver but he did save money to put towards an expensive purchase for his hobby.