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<strong>Fartun</strong> | 18 | Denver

Fartun's secret spending habit is shopping for shoes with every other paycheck she receives.

Episode two of the video series Own Your Money Own Your Life. A group of Millenial New Yorkers discuss if college is always the right choice.

<strong>Genevieve</strong> | 18 | Seattle

If Genevieve won $1,000 she would save it to help pay for her study abroad expenses.

<strong>Nicole</strong> | 26 | Portland

If Nicole won the lottery she would definitely pay off her approximately $25,000 in school loans.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Practical Budgeter</strong>

Ryyan Chacra, a financial economics major at Columbia University discusses his money philosophy and how the role of diversity is critical in economic discussions.

<strong>James</strong> | 25 | Portland

James fears not being able to find a job with his degree in psychology and how he'll pay back student loans.

<strong>Darius</strong> | 22 | Brooklyn

If Darius didn't have to worry about money he would spend his time on his photography.

10 Minutes With … <strong>A Sensible Virtuoso</strong>

Kayvon learned to budget at a young age through managing his allowance. Now attending Dartmouth, he is questioning what path to take in his future career.

How I Did It: <strong>Survived Financial Disaster</strong> (Twice)

Patrice Washington was the first in her family to attend college, which made her even more disappointed in herself when she racked up $18,000 in credit card debt. Find out how Patrice overcame that early setback to start her own business, only to lose it all in the Great Recession, and build it up again.

<strong>Mandi</strong> | 20 | Denver

With a passion for art, Mandi wants to learn business skills to help her have a successful career.