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<strong>Dave</strong> | 36 | Los Angeles

The best gift Dave bought was a gym membership for his mother because she didn't have the means to do so. She now lives a healthy lifestyle and is much happier.

<strong>Eleonore</strong> | 25 | New York

Eleonore says that people are obsessed with making money, therefore work becomes an obsession. Her parents were very generous with their money.

<strong>Joshua</strong> | 21 | Los Angeles

Joshua has been supporting himself since he was 15 years old but feels that parents should financially support their children for as long as they can.

<strong>Adonica</strong> | 19 | Atlanta

Adonica knew she was really on her own when she had to start budgeting after her parents stopped giving her money regularly.

<strong>Rulla</strong> | Portland, Ore.

Rulla says that parents should financially support their children up until they at least have or job or until they reach the age of 20.

<strong>Betty</strong> | 20 | Denver

Betty learned from her parents that money is important and without it, it's a struggle to survive.

We hit the streets of Denver to ask about love and money. When should couples have "the talk" and is it OK to keep money secrets?

<strong>Ericka</strong> | 29 | Los Angeles

Money caused Ericka to lose a lifelong friendship when her friend didn't pay her portion of the rent.

<strong>Hai Hoang</strong> | 19 | Seattle

Hai Hoang's most important money lesson learned from his parents is to not spend too much money.

<strong>Ahmad</strong> | Atlanta

Ahmad's money goal is to take care of his family and their future. He budgets because he has bills, a mortgage, college expenses and five children to take care of.