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Drowning in Debt?

Looking to get out of debt? Evaluate your debt situation, negotiate with creditors, select payoff strategy and get questions answered with help from On Your Own.

Break Up With Your Day Job

Everyone dreams of taking a break from work. Here are four things to think about before making the leap.

<strong>Evelyn</strong> | 21 | Los Angeles

Evelyn's parents financially support her while she's in college but she wants to get a job so that they don't always have to help her.

<strong>Travis</strong> | 32 | Los Angeles

Travis doesn't have a retirement plan because he says his career is not set. His savings account is to be used for unexpected circumstances.

<strong>Elijah</strong> | 20 | Atlanta

Elijah is aware of how much student debt he will be taking on and if he were to win the lottery he would pay off his debt and save for his future education.

<strong>Alex</strong> | 27 | New York

To reach her most important money goal of retirement, Alex is depositing money each month into mutual funds.

<strong>Arne</strong> | 21 | Seattle

As a business student, Arne's most important money goal is to own a rickshaw business worth $1 million.

We hit the streets of Madison, Wisc. to ask, should you do your own taxes? The IRS has many resources, including tips for same sex couples.

<strong>Genevieve</strong> | 18 | Seattle

If Genevieve won $1,000 she would save it to help pay for her study abroad expenses.

<strong>Terra</strong> | 18 | Seattle

Terra believes that it takes a combination of chance, skill and motivation for someone to make a lot of money.