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Building Good Credit in College

Trust us, we know that when you’re in college building good credit might be the last thing on your mind. But take it from our intern, Merrick Chely, that college is the perfect time to set yourself up for financial success. Merrick details why you need a stellar credit score and how to get it.

Drowning in Debt?

Looking to get out of debt? Evaluate your debt situation, negotiate with creditors, select payoff strategy and get questions answered with help from On Your Own.

5 Questions About Small Business Loans

Looking to expand your side gig or start a new business? Here's what you need to know about small business loans.

The Lowdown on Balance Transfers

Transferring debt to a zero-percent-interest credit card can be a smart strategy, as long as you’re careful about payments and understand the risks.

<strong>Lucia</strong> | 19 | Los Angeles

Lucia has no credit cards so she would work hard and try to figure out a way to pay for a large unexpected expense.

<strong>Elijah</strong> | 20 | Atlanta

Elijah is aware of how much student debt he will be taking on and if he were to win the lottery he would pay off his debt and save for his future education.

<strong>Alex</strong> | 21 | Portland, Ore.

Alex has phenomenal credit because the most important money lesson she learned from her parents was to pay off her credit card bill every month.

<strong>Shawn</strong> | 25 | New York

Shawn's one money mistake when he was younger was when he jumped into a new car lease which he felt was a waste of money.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Fearless Independent</strong>

Being raised by successful parents, Jackson didn't appreciate the importance of controlling his spending until after maxing out his first credit card.

That Time <strong>I Paid Off $28,000 in Student Loans</strong> (And Nobody Believed Me)

When Zina Kumok's story of paying off her student loans in three years went viral, some people didn't believe she had done it without help.