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Get a GED or High School Equivalency

There are many reasons to get a GED or other high school equivalency certification. Life circumstances, home-schooling, family moves and education outside the United States all can be reasons to take a high school equivalency test.

<strong>McKenna</strong> | 20 | Denver

For McKenna, some months is a struggle to make ends meet but if she had less money she would probably be living at home and working just to afford school.

<strong>Elijah</strong> | 20 | Atlanta

Elijah is aware of how much student debt he will be taking on and if he were to win the lottery he would pay off his debt and save for his future education.

<strong>Christian</strong> | 23 | Portland, Ore.

Christian does not believe our student loan system is fair because of the amount of debt that someone has to take on, which in turn will take years to pay off.

<strong>Mackenzie</strong> | 20 | Denver

The financial topic that Mackenzie wished she knew more about is taxes, especially what needs to be filed when she gets jobs.

We hit the streets of Madison, Wisc. to ask, should you do your own taxes? The IRS has many resources, including tips for same sex couples.

<strong>Adonica</strong> | 19 | Atlanta

Adonica knew she was really on her own when she had to start budgeting after her parents stopped giving her money regularly.

<strong>Rulla</strong> | Portland, Ore.

Rulla says that parents should financially support their children up until they at least have or job or until they reach the age of 20.

<strong>Betty</strong> | 20 | Denver

Betty learned from her parents that money is important and without it, it's a struggle to survive.

<strong>Destini</strong> | 18 | Atlanta

Destini thinks that there are too many systematic issues with the American economic system even though it has an idea centered around fairness.