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Dude, Can I Crash on Your Couch?

If you letting a friend or relative stay with you, it is important to set houseguest boundaries and establish ground rules.

<strong>Omar</strong> | 20 | Seattle

Omar's biggest financial fear is running out of money. He needs to find a part-time job because rent is so expensive.

<strong>Max</strong> | 20 | Los Angeles

Max felt satisfaction at knowing he saved his money for an expensive purchase after working during high school summer vacation. Now he is saving to buy a car.

10 Minutes With … <strong>A Sensible Virtuoso</strong>

Kayvon learned to budget at a young age through managing his allowance. Now attending Dartmouth, he is questioning what path to take in his future career.

<strong>Annette</strong> | 33 | Brooklyn

If she won the lottery, journalist Annette would move from Munich to London or New York.

<strong>Mandi</strong> | 20 | Denver

With a passion for art, Mandi wants to learn business skills to help her have a successful career.

Dollars and Sense

When Keve was younger he and his friends thought they needed money to validate themselves. While his friends were off spending extravagantly, Keve learned to live within his means.

Best Friends, <strong>Worst Roommates</strong>

Are you and your best friends looking to move in together? Before you become roommates, you should talk about paying bills, how to handle potential financial challenges and house rules.

Ask the Expert: Going Home <strong>Without Going Broke</strong>

When you move away from home you have to deal with the cost of going home for the holidays. Jason Steele shares some tips on cutting your travel expenses.

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Most of us have done it at least once. You know you should read the fine print of a contract, but you're in a hurry, or you feel pressured, so you just sign. When 19-year-old Courtney signed the lease to her first apartment, she learned the hard way that signing on the dotted line can have major consequences.