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How to Afford the Cost of Child Care

Setting aside money in a flexible spending account or finding tax deductions, are options that could help deal with the overwhelming cost of child care.

Dude, Can I Crash on Your Couch?

If you letting a friend or relative stay with you, it is important to set houseguest boundaries and establish ground rules.

<strong>Evelyn</strong> | 21 | Los Angeles

Evelyn's parents financially support her while she's in college but she wants to get a job so that they don't always have to help her.

<strong>Kielan</strong> | 23 | Portland, Ore.

Kielan says lending money to friends causes problems when they don't pay you back and he doesn't like borrowing money because he doesn't like owing people.

<strong>Dominic</strong> | 21 | Los Angeles

Dominic feels that any money issues in a relationship shouldn't be discussed until you know that person is the right one.

<strong>Taiana</strong> | 18 | Denver

The first thing Taiana would do if she were to win the lottery is to take care of her parents who sacrificed so much so her family could come to the U.S.

<strong>Quy</strong> | 19 | Seattle

Before Quy and her three roommates moved in together they made a plan to be organized and separate all of their expenses evenly.

<strong>Gabriela</strong> | 18 | Seattle

Gabriela learned from her parents to be practical with her money and not to overspend her budget.

<strong>Melissa</strong> | 27 | Portland, Ore.

Melissa's parents had opposite approaches to money management but her dad's most important lesson is to know how to live within your means.

<strong>Alex</strong> | 21 | Portland, Ore.

Alex has phenomenal credit because the most important money lesson she learned from her parents was to pay off her credit card bill every month.