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10 Minutes With… <strong>A Frugal Dreamer</strong>

After coming to the U.S. from Russia in 2010, Tatyana Salamatova, 26, decided to stay and is saving up to start her own business.

<strong>Emily</strong> | 21 | NYC

Emily would spend most of her time traveling and seeing different artworks and cultures from around the world is she didn't have to worry about money.

<strong>Ian</strong> | 25 | NYC

Ian thinks that it's important to start early when saving for retirement versus having to contribute more when you're older.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Pragmatic Saver</strong>

Saving comes naturally to Andrew, 30, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. He believes in setting lots of good short-term goals to invest in the future.

<strong>James</strong> | 25 | Portland

James fears not being able to find a job with his degree in psychology and how he'll pay back student loans.

<strong>Ken</strong> | 36 | NYC

If Ken didn't have to worry about money he would travel to places like Brazil and collaborate with local musicians.

10 Minutes With … <strong>An Enterprising Visionary</strong>

At 24, Nate still receives some help from his parents as he works toward a career as an entrepreneur, but he is optimistic about his financial future.