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<strong>Making Art</strong> and <strong>Making Money</strong>

Is it possible to support yourself with an artistic career? Today's young artists are finding ways to make art and make money through networking, online marketing, and good old fashioned hard work.

How I Did It: <strong>Became Husband Material</strong>

When 25-year-old college dropout Chris Holton met his future wife, he knew he had to get his finances in order. He joined the Army and changed the course of his life and his career.

Lessons from My Parents: <strong>Mother Card and Daddy Warbucks</strong>

As a child in Texas, Jessica Wright learned how to use credit from her mother and how to track spending from her father.

Lessons from My Parents: <strong>No Reward for Breathing</strong>

Growing up, Elyse Stefaniak learned how to budget through working part-time jobs. She now is a student at New York University.