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Forget the Checkbook, Just <strong>Venmo Me</strong>

Settling up is made easy for millennials like Peter Ng and Matt Meier who use Venmo to divvy up expenses with roommates, split checks with friends and even pay for a Fantasy Football league.

<strong>Darius</strong> | 22 | Brooklyn

If Darius didn't have to worry about money he would spend his time on his photography.

<strong>Iris</strong> | 23 | Los Angeles

Iris's family supported her in school so she spent a lot of money but now she knows how to save and support herself.

<strong>Kyle</strong> | 19 | Denver

Kyle is working to be financially secure and in a career that he's happy doing.

<strong>Tim</strong> | 32 | Portland

If Tim won $1000 he would be sure to invest it for the long-term.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Resourceful Provider</strong>

After being thrust into the role of parent to her three younger brothers at the age of 18, Aurielle Johnson formed her money philosophy early on and now owns a home with the help of Habitat for Humanity.

<strong>Danyelle</strong> | Atlanta

Danyelle wished there was more financial education available for high schools students.

<strong>David</strong> | 21 | Portland

David believes that men should pay on a first date.