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<strong>Alyssa</strong> | 23 | Los Angeles

The most important lesson Alyssa learned from her parents was to steer clear of credit card debt and have enough money left for emergencies.

<strong>Karan</strong> | Atlanta

As a college student, if Karan had more money he would spend it on fancier technology such as a computer and camera.

That Time <strong>I Paid Off $28,000 in Student Loans</strong> (And Nobody Believed Me)

When Zina Kumok's story of paying off her student loans in three years went viral, some people didn't believe she had done it without help.

<strong>Eva</strong> | 18 | Portland

Eva's spending leak is that she often spends money on eating out when she has similar food at home.

<strong>Brendan</strong> | 30 | Seattle

Saving up for a car at the age of 17 with a supermarket job made Brendan a smart saver from a young age.

<strong>Fahad</strong> | 29 | Atlanta

Fahad's biggest spending leak is coffee, but with a good budgeting system he is able to save half his salary.

<strong>Dan</strong> | 35 | Portland

Dan's biggest financial fear is that he won't receive his financial aid.

10 Minutes With… <strong>An Economical Artist</strong>

Owning her own photography business, Sabrina has separate budgets for living and business expenses while pursuing personal and professional goals.

<strong>Yuki</strong> | 30 | Brooklyn

Yuki bought an expensive Japanese skincare product that she now says is her biggest spending regret.

<strong>Carly</strong> | 19 | Portland

When she was a kid,Carly would often go on eBay to spend her allowance on intense bidding wars using her mom's credit card.