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Budget Makeover: Guidelines to <strong>Land a Loan</strong>

You may think that as long as you are able to pay the minimum amounts on your bills each month, you are financially secure. However, there is a bigger picture to consider if you want to borrow money to buy a home.

Let <strong>Your Voice</strong> Be Heard

On Saturday, August 2, will gather young adults in Denver to film a series of video discussions about the money issues facing your generation.

<strong>Love and Money:</strong> Lindsey and Troy's Story

Troy Skinner thought his relationship with his fiance, Lindsey Armentrout, was based on honesty. Until he discovered their joint account was overdrawn by $700. Find out how they recovered from Lindsey's "financial infidelity."

Lessons from My Parents

When Keve Brockington went off to college, he was finally on his own financially. He quickly learned that money presents a lot of opportunities, and comes with great responsibilities.