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<strong>Marcus</strong> | 20 | Atlanta

The most ridiculous thing Marcus ever spent money on was a pair of red, fur Italian shoes.

<strong>Dat</strong> | 19 | Seattle

Dat's biggest consistent spending leaks are clothes and junk food.

<strong>Lani</strong> | 23 |Denver

Lani is learning to be more financially independent by buying her clothes, food and gas.

<strong>Edgar</strong> | 23 | Los Angeles

Edgar helps his family with finances but when he gets some extra money he likes to go out with his friends.

10 Minutes With … <strong>A Sensible Virtuoso</strong>

Kayvon learned to budget at a young age through managing his allowance. Now attending Dartmouth, he is questioning what path to take in his future career.

<strong>Justin</strong> | 20 | Atlanta

Justin's proudest purchase was his first skateboard. He says it was the first time he fell in love.

<strong>Nykia</strong> | 19 | Los Angeles

Expensive headphones are one of Nykia's spending regrets.

<strong>Steven</strong> | 24 | Brooklyn

If Steven won the lottery, he would buy a house for his mom in New Jersey and open a dance club.

<strong>Violet</strong> | 19 | Denver

Violet's proudest purchase is the car she saved up to buy working part time in high school.

<strong>Bryan</strong> | 19 | Los Angeles

Bryan's biggest spending leaks are Starbucks and buying clothes he never wears.