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<strong>Annette</strong> | 33 | Brooklyn

If she won the lottery, journalist Annette would move from Munich to London or New York.

How I Did It: <strong>Survived Financial Disaster</strong> (Twice)

Patrice Washington was the first in her family to attend college, which made her even more disappointed in herself when she racked up $18,000 in credit card debt. Find out how Patrice overcame that early setback to start her own business, only to lose it all in the Great Recession, and build it up again.

<strong>Mandi</strong> | 20 | Denver

With a passion for art, Mandi wants to learn business skills to help her have a successful career.

<strong>Niesha</strong> | 33 | New York City

Niesha prefers to spend money on experiences rather than expensive clothes and accessories.

<strong>Ian</strong> | 24 | Brooklyn

If you're living with someone, Ian believes they should know your money issues.

<strong>Kat</strong> | 35 | Atlanta

Kat learned the responsibilities of saving money from her parents. She shops around before making a purchase.

<strong>Kira</strong> | 18 | Atlanta

If something is too expensive, Kira waits for it to go on sale. Being a bargain shopper like her mom has its benefits.

<strong>Nick</strong> | 30 | Brooklyn

Nick's biggest spending regret is spending 99 bucks on a Groupon to get his real estate license.

<strong>Rick</strong> | 26 | Brooklyn

Rick is living out many Millennials' dream, living abroad after a couch surfer told him of an opportunity in Shanghai. Rick says if he had the time, he would paint more murals.

<strong>Sarah</strong> | 28 | Atlanta

Sarah decided to join the Peace Corps instead of battling the job market right away.