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How I Did It: <strong>Started a Nonprofit</strong>

Sarah Timms wanted to do something big to help animals. Find out how she built a nonprofit crowdfunding website called Love Animals and turned her dream into a reality.

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Most of us have done it at least once. You know you should read the fine print of a contract, but you're in a hurry, or you feel pressured, so you just sign. When 19-year-old Courtney signed the lease to her first apartment, she learned the hard way that signing on the dotted line can have major consequences.

What's Your Emergency Car Care Plan?

Are you prepared for a car emergency? What if you blow a tire or overheat on the highway? Do you have a plan to pay for these costs? We have 10 tips to help you get ready in case of emergency vehicle repairs.