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<strong>Melissa</strong> | 27 | Portland, Ore.

Melissa's parents had opposite approaches to money management but her dad's most important lesson is to know how to live within your means.

<strong>Shania</strong> | 18 | Los Angeles

Shania's secret spending habit is shopping for shoes. She has 1,000 pairs of shoes and she doesn't have to wear the same shoes twice in the same month.

<strong>Alex</strong> | 21 | Portland, Ore.

Alex has phenomenal credit because the most important money lesson she learned from her parents was to pay off her credit card bill every month.

<strong>Omar</strong> | 20 | Seattle

Omar's biggest financial fear is running out of money. He needs to find a part-time job because rent is so expensive.

We hit the streets of Madison, Wisc. to ask, should you do your own taxes? The IRS has many resources, including tips for same sex couples.

<strong>Max</strong> | 20 | Los Angeles

Max felt satisfaction at knowing he saved his money for an expensive purchase after working during high school summer vacation. Now he is saving to buy a car.

<strong>Dave</strong> | 36 | Los Angeles

The best gift Dave bought was a gym membership for his mother because she didn't have the means to do so. She now lives a healthy lifestyle and is much happier.

<strong>Eleonore</strong> | 25 | New York

Eleonore says that people are obsessed with making money, therefore work becomes an obsession. Her parents were very generous with their money.

<strong>Joshua</strong> | 21 | Los Angeles

Joshua has been supporting himself since he was 15 years old but feels that parents should financially support their children for as long as they can.

<strong>Shawn</strong> | 25 | New York

Shawn's one money mistake when he was younger was when he jumped into a new car lease which he felt was a waste of money.